Youth League - Stars/Fast Footwork Report Form

This form is to be used by head coaches to communicate player names that have successfully completed levels of the Stars Program. To complete a Star Move, the player must demonstrate the elements of the move in both a practice and game environment.

Instructions for placing Stars on shorts

For a .PDF document describing how and where to place stars on shorts:

Videos of Star Moves & Foundation Footwork

Currently, there are 6 levels in the Stars Program & 5 levels in the Fast Footwork Program

Star Moves #1

  • Stop Ball w/ Sole of Foot/Fake Strike
  • Pull Back

Foundation Footwork #1

  • Foundation - side-side w/inside of foot
  • 50 touches in 1 minute

Star Moves #2

  • Chop Ball with Inside & Outside of Foot
  • The Cruyff

Foundation Footwork #2

  • Foundation + pop&pull
  • 20 pop&pulls in 1 minute

Star Moves #3

  • Step Over
  • Pull and Tuck ("L"-Behind)

Foundation Footwork #3

  • Foundation + sideway rolls
  • 20 sideway rolls in 1 minute

Star Moves #4

  • Pull and Square
  • Sole of Foot Roll Over/Roll & Go

Foundation Footwork #4

  • Foundation + L Behind
  • 20 L Behinds in 1 minute

Star Moves #5

  • Chop and Go
  • Scissor

Foundation Footwork #5

  • The Dance
  • 30 Iterations in 1 minute

Star Moves #6

  • Rivellino
  • In and Out
Each Star Move and Foundation Footwork sequence should be completed sequentially. In other words, a player should complete Star Move #1, before completing Star Move #2.

Stars Report Form

Note: When entering information on this form, please use the <tab> key to move from field to field. Complete as many fields as possible each time you submit the form.

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Note: You can check more than one move per player, if the player has just recently completed more than one move. Don't use this form to report previously reported stars.

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Updated: March 3, 2020