Youth League Coach/Asst Coach Registration

Want to make a difference in a young person's life?

Become a Coach or Assistant Coach!!

Coaches and Assistant Coaches for the BTT Youth League receive special training and access to online training materials.

It's fun and a great way to spend time with your kids!!

How do I register to become a Coach or Assistant Coach?

Important: Read this section BEFORE you register to be a coach or assistant coach!!!

1. For the Fall 2021 we are moving over to a new version of GotSport for all registrations. You will not be automatically enrolled in the new season and this Fall 2021 Season you will need to create a new account and register as a Coach (Head coach or assistant coach) at the link below. This is a requirement from IYSA for us to move to the new system.

2. Important - Please be sure to use your full legal name (e.g. William not Bill) when registering.

3. When prompted for your State ID#, enter your drivers license number.

4. When prompted for your License, please enter your coaching license, if any.

Good luck. Please call Brittany @ (208)-949-6097  if you are having trouble. .

To register as a Coach or Assistant Coach for the BTT Youth League, please follow
Step 1 below:

Step 1 - Register Online by clicking on the following link:

After completing step 1 above, please plan on attending:

  • One Youth League Coach/Asst Coach Administration Meeting
  • One or more Youth League Coach/Asst Coach Skills Training Sessions

For the dates and times for Coach/Asst Coach Meetings and Skills Training Sessions:

Also, you must complete the Heads-up Online Concussion Training course:

Thank you for registering!

Updated: May 31, 2021