BTT Youth League - Program Overview

Boise Timbers|Thorns has two websites: one for our recreational youth programs and another for our competitive programs. This is the recreational site.

The BTT Youth League is more than just a soccer league. It is a school with a standardized curriculum for developing young soccer players. When children are taught advanced soccer skills at an early age, they become more confident players as they grow older. And most importantly, they enjoy playing the game more.

Top 12 Reasons to join the Boise Timbers|Thorns Youth League

  • All Coaches are trained by BTT's professional staff
  • Players are taught a standardized skills curriculum at a very young age
  • Mastery of technical skills is emphasized, with less emphasis on winning.
  • Small-sided games, so that each child touches the ball more often
  • Coaches have access to online coaching resources
  • Parents are taught proper sideline behavior, for a more enjoyable experience for kids
  • Electronic Registration/Email Notification
  • Well-organized league
  • Excellent Facilities

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How does the BTT Youth League differ from other soccer leagues in the area?

We provide our parent volunteer coaches and assistant coaches with an extensive training program, a standardized curriculum, and online coaching resources to make sure that your child learns the soccers skills they need to enjoy the game.

How are teams formed?

Players are divided up into teams based on gender, age and geographic location.

In some extreme cases where a player has developed skills beyond their gender/age group, they may be placed on a team in the next highest age group, or a girl may be placed on a boy's team, at the discretion of the BTT Youth League Administrator.

For the Fall 2019 - Spring 2020 season, the U5 age group may end up being coed, depending upon the number of U5 participants.

How often do teams practice and where do they practice?

Teams train once or twice a week with a trained parent coach, at a school or park near your home. Some centralized training will be available. Registering early helps us place your child on a nearby team. Each team determines where and when the team will practice.

Where are games played?

BTT Youth League games are played at 3 locations:

BTT Soccer Complex
3924 E. Lake Hazel Rd.
Meridian, ID 83642

Simplot Sports Complex
2437 E. Lake Forest Drive
Boise, ID 83716

(Location to be


  • Most games are played at the BTT Soccer Complex, while some teams will have all of their games at the Simplot Sports Complex.
  • Some teams MAY have games at multiple locations during the season.
  • If you have multiple children in our league, there is the possibility that their games will be at multiple locations on any given Saturday, and the times may even overlap.

If any of these conditions are unacceptable, don't register for this league!!

What about Jewelry?

Players may not wear jewelry, including earrings, during games and practices. Soccer season is not the time to have your ears pierced.

What about casts?

Players may not wear casts during games and practices, padded or otherwise, no matter what your doctor says. Partial refunds may be available for players with season-ending injuries.

What else is expected of parents?

At least one parent from each family is expected to volunteer. Volunteer positions include:

  • Uniform Coordinator
  • Field Setup/Teardown
  • Coach
  • Assistant Coach

Parents who volunteer for Coach and Assistant Coach positions will receive special training, curriculum and an advanced on-line coaching resource.

Parents are also expected to attend a Parent Orientation meeting, where they learn about the curriculum and appropriate sideline behavior.

What about uniforms and equipment?

When a player joins the BTT Youth League, they are issued a uniform consisting of:

  • a pair of black shorts
  • a red jersey
  • a white jersey

Players must provide:

  • A soccer ball (Click here for sizing chartl)
  • Shin guards
  • Soccer shoes or tennis shoes
  • White socks, to be placed over their shin guards
  • Water Bottle

Who can I contact for more information?

For further information, please contact:

Jim McMillan
BTT Youth Program Administrator

(208) 841-0441 (cell)

Where do I go from here?

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Updated: May 25, 2019