BTT Tots Program - Activity Schedule

General Information

In the BTT Tots Program, children and their parents rotate through a series of four (4) play stations. Each station features one or more activities, and takes 15 minutes to complete. One of the stations is used for actual mini-soccer games, so that your children will get the thrill of playing soccer.

The players in the BTT Tots Program are divided into a number of groups, with each group consisting of about 10-12 children and about 3 Tots Facilitators - specially-trained parents who will lead the other players and parents through the activities at each station.

Each player will receive an email telling them which group that they are in.

At the scheduled start time, your group will start at Station 1 and then rotate through the stations every 15 minutes until you have completed Station 4.

Please plan on arriving 10 minutes before your scheduled start time, to make sure that your group is ready to go on time.

What to bring to each session

  • BTT Medical Release Form (1st session you attend - This is now online with registration)
  • Size #3 Soccer Ball
  • Water Bottle
  • Your enthusiasm!

What to wear to each session

  • Your BTT Tots Program Uniform (Black Shorts, Red T-shirt)
  • Tennis Shoes (Soccer cleats are not required)
  • Long White Socks (not provided)
  • On cold days, players may wear sweatshirts under their T-shirts.
  • On cold days, players may wear sweatpants instead of shorts.
  • Shinguards are not required/not recommended for this age group.

Spring 2023 Schedule

The Spring 2023 BTT Tots Program takes place over 6 Saturdays:

Session Dates:

Sat, Apr 01 - Session 1 <== Pickup Uniforms + First Session
Sat, Apr 08 - Session 2
Sat, Apr 15 - Session 3 <== Individual Photo Day (BTT Complex)  
Sat, Apr 22 - Session 4
Sat, Apr 29 - Session 5
Sat, May 06 - Session 6 <== End-of-season Celebration   

Sessions End:

Sat, May 6th, 2023 (Renaissance Park)

Schedule for Spring 2023

After registration, you will receive either an email or a letter telling you which group your child is in. Each tots group starts at a different time, as shown in the following table:

Group Arrival Time Start Time End Time
Tots 301 - Tigers      
Tots 1302 - Tigers
Tots 1303 - Elephants
Tots 1304 - Dolphins
Tots 401 - Cougars
Tots 402 - Bears
Tots 403 - Zebras
Tots 1404 - Dinos
Tots 1405 - Lions
Tots 1406 - Panthers
Tots 1407 - Pumas


Each player that is new to the BTT Tots Program that ordered a uniform will receive a red T-shirt and black shorts as part of their registration.

Uniforms will be available 15 minutes before your scheduled start time for Station 1 on Saturday, April 1st, 2023

BTT Medical Release Forms

Players - BTT Medical Release Forms will now be a part of registration. They will all be electronic unless paper copy requested.

Photo Day

Dorian Photography will be onsite on Saturday April 15th, 2023  to take individual photos of players in our Tots program. This is an optional activity and there are fees associated with the pictures, depending upon which photo package you order from Dorian. Photos are distributed on May 6th, 2023 at the final session of the Tots Program. You may take your photos anytime during the day on Saturday April 15th, 2023

Maps and Directions

All activities take place at:

Renaissance Park

4155 South. Genoard Avenue

Meridian, ID 83642

For a map of the facility showing the locations of each Tots Station in .PDF format:

Updated: January 17, 2023